Interface AnalysisStrategy

All Known Implementing Classes:
IPETAnalysisStrategy, TreeAnalysisStrategy

public interface AnalysisStrategy

A common interface for various WCET analysis strategies. By abstracting analysis strategies behind this interface, Clepsydra can use a variety of strategies without knowing the details of how they work.

Trevor Harmon

Method Summary
 int getWCET(Tree tree, Graph graph)
          Computes an upper bound on the WCET of the given method.

Method Detail


int getWCET(Tree tree,
            Graph graph)
            throws UnknownTimingException,
Computes an upper bound on the WCET of the given method. The control flow tree and control flow graph of the method must also be specified. Both must be provided because some analysis strategies require the tree while others require the graph.

tree - the control flow tree of the method
graph - the control flow graph of the method
the WCET in CPU cycles
UnknownTimingException - if the method contains an instruction whose timing is unknown
UnknownLoopBoundException - if the method contains a loop whose upper bound cannot be determined