edu.uci.eecs.doc.cascade Contains the primary Cascade classes.
edu.uci.eecs.doc.cascade.controlflow Models the elements of Java source code.
edu.uci.eecs.doc.cascade.graph Provides a control flow graph (CFG) data structure and various CFG file exporters.
edu.uci.eecs.doc.cascade.tree Provides a control flow tree (CFT) data structure and various CFT file exporters.
edu.uci.eecs.doc.clepsydra Contains the primary Clepsydra classes.
edu.uci.eecs.doc.clepsydra.cache Provides an interface to the instruction cache model for a Java processor.
edu.uci.eecs.doc.clepsydra.ipet Provides interfaces to integer linear programming (ILP) solvers and an implementation of the implicit path enumeration technique (IPET).
edu.uci.eecs.doc.clepsydra.loop Helps determine maximum loop bounds during WCET analysis.
edu.uci.eecs.doc.clepsydra.timing Provides an interface to the timing properties of a Java processor.
edu.uci.eecs.doc.clepsydra.tree Implements tree-based WCET analysis and provides file exporters for control flow trees.