Class Compiler

  extended by edu.uci.eecs.doc.cascade.util.Compiler

public class Compiler
extends Object

Invokes a given Java compiler on a given source file. Note that the Java Compiler API is not used and the compiler is instead executed directly. The reason is that configuring the Compiler API to use a custom compiler is extremely difficult.

Trevor Harmon

Constructor Summary
Compiler(String compiler, String classPath, String sourcePath, String outputDir)
          Creates a new Compiler object.
Method Summary
 Class compile(String sourceFile)
          Runs the compiler.
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Constructor Detail


public Compiler(String compiler,
                String classPath,
                String sourcePath,
                String outputDir)
         throws CompilerException
Creates a new Compiler object.

compiler - location of the compiler executable (e.g., /usr/bin/javac)
classPath - the class path to pass to the compiler, with each directory separated by File.pathSeparator
sourcePath - the source path to pass to the compiler, with each directory separated by File.pathSeparator
outputDir - the directory in which to place compiled classes
CompilerException - if the output directory or any element of the class path or source path do not exist
Method Detail


public Class compile(String sourceFile)
              throws CompilerException
Runs the compiler.

sourceFile - a Java source file
a handle to the class file that the compiler created
CompilerException - if the compiler task failed or if a handle to the compiled class could not be created