To obtain Volta, download a release from the project site's Download section. Unpack the distribution into a directory of your choice.

Access to the source code can also be obtained via the project's Subversion page. This method is recommended because Volta is still under development, and the Subversion repository usually offers more recent code with new features and bug fixes.

ILP Solver Installation

If you plan to use the Clepsydra tool, you will also need to download and install an ILP solver. By default, Clepsydra is configured for the lp_solve solver. (Note that only version has been tested with Clepsydra; bugs have been encountered in more recent versions of lp_solve.)

To install lp_solve on Mac OS X, the easiest method is via Fink. Use Fink to install the lpsolve-java package. If Fink was installed to the default location (/sw), Clepsydra will then find lp_solve automatically.

Windows users will need to install lp_solve manually. First, download the development package and the Java bindings. Next, unpack the lpsolve55.dll and lpsolve55j.dll files and copy them to a directory. Finally, add this directory to your system's PATH environment variable. (If you don't add it to the path, you will get an error: Can't find dependent libraries.) Note that if the directory is \lp_solve, Clepsydra will find the files automatically. Otherwise, you must modify Clepsydra's build file and change the ilp.library.path property to point to the directory to which you copied the files.

Build and Test

Once Volta has been installed, you can build it from the console by typing:


To verify the installation, you can run a series of unit tests by typing:

ant test

To remove the generated files:

ant clean